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A Well Regulated Militia

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Reply Walfred L.E.
3:43 AM on February 26, 2012 
Current Intelligence Report:

1)Run up in the price of oil is the
indicator for the opening phase
of the "NEXT" war...

2)A "FALSE FLAG" Attack,for the
provocation to invade Syria,will occur
just prior to the start air operation(s)
over Syria...

3)Israeli government agreed to hold off
on an airstrike against the Iranian
Nuclear Power Plant at Bushehr.Until
after U.S. troops and assets could be
redeployed.An attack could come no
earlier then 3/8/2012...

4)A 'FALSE FLAG" attack on American soil
or an nuclear detenation will put the
entire county on "lock down"(Martial LW)


Iran has pledged to attack any country
that invades or attacks Syria...

Egypt has pledged to aid Syria as well.

Russia and China have pledged to support
Iran against what they call,
"Western Aggression"...


1)Limit travel to within 20 of your home
or bug-out spot.

2)Transfer any remaining wealth into
physical gold and silver.

3)Finish final preparation(s).
Store up fuel,it will be worth more
week by week now,day by day soon.Keep
enough fuel to travel 300 miles minimum
in addition to the fuel in your primary
vehicles fuel tank.Top off frequently!

4)Be ready to muster at a moment notice.
If communications breakdown and/or a
"LOCKDOWN" is UNLAWFULLY ordered,Muster!