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Situation Reports  US 070315 2241ET R AL3 RP
The Situation: 

Continued economic collapse engineered by the political prostitutes and their corporate masters in the financial sector...

  (unprepared will become desperate, eventually leading to civil unrest, looting, crime etc. )

Race war a high probability ...promoted by media and gov.

Incremental implementation of martial law -

- States being coerced to implement National ID  "standards"  

- Constant surveillance and monitoring of citizens communications, finance and travel

- Internet censorship of alternative media

- Militarization and federalization of State and local law enforcement agencies

- Travel Restrictions - TSA checkpoints at airports, rail, bus and highways

- Military Training and Reorganizing to contain civil unrest

- Government bids being let for independent contractors for "Civilian Internment Camps"

- Government declares Citizens  "enemy combatants" with NO constitutional rights of due process and loss of citizenship


Defcon 3. Probable Threat.

-INCREASE Situational Awareness.  All members should monitor news media and other forms of communication for developing situations. 

-Intensify ALL  unit Intell / Counter Intel, OPSEC measures.

-BOLO for False Flag Events

-Equipment packed and ready to go.

-Evacuation Evasion and Escape plans should be finalized and implemented.

-Safe House Network should be well established.

-All members should stay in daily contact with their team leaders via their Local Radio Network. LRN's should maintain contact with their Statewide Radio Network and issue Sit-Reps to it as needed.  

I.C.E.  In Case of Emergency

By now it should be self evident to all that the internet, while being an essential part of the communications network, can NOT be relied upon as your sole source of comm.  The loss of communications due to an internet "shutdown" or your ability to access it could be catastrophic when the time comes if you have no other means to contact your Brothers in Arms. 
We can't aid, assist or support each other if we can't maintain contact.  So, Don't put all your communication eggs in one basket.

This backup contingency plan is called ICE.  It will be activated in case AWRM goes down or the internet becomes compromised to the point we can no longer maintain contact.

It's composed of several inter-related parts which form the National Rapid Alert System:

AWRM IP Address

Recent events have proven that a government agency or a malicious hacker can seize or hijack a domain name. This has already happened to at least 84 U.S. web sites without due process of law. Their DNS records were changed, essentially erasing them from the "phone books of the Internet." To insure against this, we are distributing our IPv4 address. This can be pasted or typed into a web browser window in place of "www.awrm.org"

What you need to do:

Write down our address: and carry it in your wallet. Also, copy it to your browser's address book.

If and when AWRM.org disappears, or if it's replaced by a graphic and a message from a bureaucrat or hacker, then enter our IP address into your web browser. That way you should still be able to to continue to access AWRM, as long as our server is still functional.


* The 
AWRMSignalCorps is our mirror web forum for emergency backup. Other groups/units should do the same so as to spread the information network over a large area. IE: If one site goes down 3 more pop up.

* In the event that AWRM goes, a SitRep will immediately be posted at
United Patriot Network, ModernMinuteman, AssaultWeb etc.

* All critical files and info MUST be backed up offline and ready for redistribution should the need arise. This is to include ALL bulletins from the web forums, the NMS, the Militia Directory and E-1's Numerical Militia Designations. Properly secured hard copies of all pertinent files are a must.



The CONUS is divided into 3 Regional Call Areas or Corps. The handling of inter-divisional (area) traffic is accomplished through the National Militia Traffic System facilities of the Signal Corps. This group of designated Strategic Comm. Stations will report in to divisional nets for the purpose of sending and receiving intra / inter area traffic. They will also maintain out of net schedules with each other for the transfer of traffic from one area to another. In addition, all stations will monitor C.E.R.T. (local) and regional Rapid Alert System frequencies on each band. All messages must be in the proper Signal Corps format. During declared emergencies all stations will operate on a 24/7 basis.

National Emergency Net: Primary Frequencies

F-1__3.860-LSB-Nightime Monitor / Eastern Regional Patriot Net Meets Every night @ 0100 hour
F-2__3.977-LSB-Nightime Alternate
F-3__7.275-LSB-Net-Day 9AM Eastern
F-4_10.145-LSB Digital Net 11:00/13:00/14:00/ and 17:00 hours Call for KC2AXU-15NPS (National Patriot System) Use mailbox if NCS is not online...leave your id and a brief message...use the Brevity Code
F-5_14.342-USB-Alternate Daytime
F-6_18.142-USB-Primary Daytime Monitor
F-7_18. - Olivia 16 Tone/500 Hz Primary Digital Net

Tactical Initial Contact Band plan:
The following simplex frequencies are for initial contact only. Do not use them to pass any mission critical information. Use them to contact friendly forces when you are out of your area of operations. When attempting to make contact with the militia; Call "CQ for NOMAD. All units should monitor these freqs. 24/7.

Tac1 26.985 USB Ch. 3
Tac2 27.365 LSB Primary Local Contact Freq.
Tac3 27.555 LSB Primary Nationwide DX Daytime Call Freq.
Tac4 51.000 FM Mil Packset
Tac5 146.420 FM Primary
Tac6 151.940 FM MURS Ch 3
Tac7 462.6125 FM (channel 3 FRS)

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